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Dismissing a Jacksonville Speeding Ticket

Jacksonville Speeding Ticket

How do I fix a speeding ticket in Jacksonville?

"How do I go to traffic school?" is a question most drivers end up asking themselves, no matter how good of a driver they are. In Jacksonville, taking a traffic ticket class is no trouble at all, as long as you understand the Traffic School rules for Duval County (which are the same for most of Florida). Read the Duval County traffic school criterion below to see if you are able to have your speeding ticket or other traffic citation removed:

Jacksonville Traffic School Quick Reference

  • Read the back of your Duval County traffic citation carefully! (more detail)
  • You are allowed to attend Traffic School every 12 months, only up to five times in your entire life. (more detail)
  • Traffic school will allow you to keep points off your driving record for most minor traffic violations (such as speeding). (more detail)
  • Another benefit of online traffic school class is a fine reduction of up to 18 percent for Florida drivers. (more detail)
  • Make sure you register for Traffic School BEFORE paying your court fine. (more detail)

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Jacksonville Speeding Ticket Online!

How often can I go to Traffic School?

In Jacksonville, you can take traffic school to remove points from a speeding ticket on your driving record up to 5 times in your lifetime. Keep in mind that you can only go to trafficschool once every year.

Does Traffic School really keep points of my driver record?

Yep. If you get a Jacksonville traffic ticket for a non-criminal traffic violation (like a speeding ticket), and you don't hold a commercial driver license (CDL), you can elect to take the basic driver improvement course to keep negative points off your FL driving record.

How much money can Jacksonville Traffic School save me?

If you go to a state approved Jacksonville traffic school and complete an online basic driver improvement course, not only will points be kept off your Florida driver record, your traffic ticket fine can be decreased by up to 18%.

Jacksonville Speeding Ticket

How can I sign up for Traffic School?

To qualify for traffic school, inform the court clerk in Duval County that you are choosing to take online traffic-school at the time that you go to pay the speeding ticket fine.

Important: You can't elect to take traffic school AFTER you pay the court fine.

After you have told the court clerk that you are going to traffic school, visit the website of the traffic school of your choice to register. At Florida Speeding Ticket . com, you can register for court approved Jacksonville Traffic School completely online (click here to do so)

Jacksonville Traffic School - Sign Up!

What are my other choices for handling my ticket?

A complete list of your legal options for settling your traffic ticket can be found on the back-side of the ticket. Simply choose one of the three options within 30 days of receiving the violation.

Why choose Florida Speeding Ticket . com?

Because no one wants to waste their time in an eight-hour, dark classroom with an awful instructor. Rather, take your Duval County court approved traffic school completely online with FloridaSpeedingTicket.com. Get your ticket dismissed with ease using our user friendly internet course that will fix your traffic ticket faster than you can say...well, you get the picture.

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FloridaSpeedingTicket.com is powered by the top dog in the online traffic school business: TrafficSchool.com. When you sign up with FloridaSpeedingTicket.com, not only do you get Jacksonville traffic school at a very reasonable, discounted price, you get the TrafficSchool.com guarantee - your total satisfaction or get your course fee refunded - now that’s traffic-school done the right way!

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