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Traffic School Online Course for Tampa Bay is Approved by the State of Florida!

Tampa Speeding Citation

How do I get rid of a Tampa speeding ticket?

"How do I go to Tampa traffic school?" is a question you may ask yourself, no matter how careful of a Florida driver you are. Taking a traffic-school class in Tampa is not that tough, as long as you fully understand the Tampa, Florida traffic-school rules. Read the traffic school criteria below to see if you qualify to have your Tampa speeding ticket or other moving violation dismissed:

Tampa Traffic School Easy Guide

  • Read the back of your Tampa, FL speeding ticket or traffic ticket citation carefully! (more detail)
  • You can go to Traffic School in Tampa once every 12 months, up to 5 times in your life. (more detail)
  • Keeps bad points off your driver record if you get a speeding ticket or other minor traffic violation. (more detail)
  • Tampa Florida Traffic School can also lower your citation fine by 18 percent. (more detail)
  • Make sure you register for Tampa, FL Traffic School PRIOR TO paying your court fine. (more detail)

Tampa Traffic School Registration!

Tampa Speeding Ticket Online!

May I take Tampa Traffic School to keep points of my record?

If you get a Tampa traffic ticket for a non-criminal moving violation (such as a speeding-ticket) and you don't have a commercial driver's license (CDL), you can choose to attend a Tampa basic driver improvement class to keep points off your Tampa driving record.

How many times can I take a Tampa Traffic School?

In Tampa, Florida you can choose to go to trafficschool to avoid points from a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket 5 times in your lifetime. Furthermore, you can only take a Tampa traffic school class once every 12 months.

Hillsborough Traffic School

Tampa is a Florida city in Hillsborough County, on the west coast of the state of Florida. Tampa serves as the county seat for Hillsborough County. Hillsborough County traffic school is approved for all of Tampa and surrounding FL cities (including Tampa Bay and Sarasota metro areas)! Students of Florida Metropolitan University, Hillsborough Community College, Southwest Florida College, Stetson University College of Law, Strayer University, The Art Institute South University, and the International Academy of Design & Technology also can enjoy the benefits of our online Hillsborough County traffic school courses.

How much does Tampa Traffic School lower my speeding-ticket fine?

If you go to a state approved Tampa traffic school and complete a basic driver improvement course (BDI course), not only will no points will be charged to your Tampa driver record and adjudication of guilt is withheld, your fine can be lowered by up to 18%.

Tampa Speeding Ticket Fix

Tampa Traffic School - Sign Up!

How to I go about signing up for Tampa Traffic School?

To take Tampa traffic school, inform the court clerk in the county where you got the traffic citation that you are electing to go to traffic school at the time that you pay the ticket fine.

Important: You can't choose to take Tampa traffic school AFTER you pay the court fine.

After you have informed the court clerk that you have chosen to go to Tampa traffic school, visit the website of the traffic school of your choice to register. At Florida Speeding Ticket . com, you can register for court approved Tampa Traffic School completely online (click here to do so)

Tampa Basic Driver Improvement Course

This is the Tampa 4-Hour Traffic School course for no negative points and no auto insurance increases, If you were ticketed in Tampa, take the online Basic Driver Improvement Course at FloridaSpeedingTicket.com to keep points off your Florida driving record. (Known as BDI or Defensive Driving School)

Why choose Florida Speeding Ticket . com?

Because nobody wants to spend their time in an eight-hour, darkly lit classroom with a boring instructor. Instead take your Tampa court approved traffic school completely online with FloridaSpeedingTicket.com. Get your ticket dismissed with ease using our user friendly internet course that fixes your traffic ticket in a timely, court approved fashion.

What are my other options when I get a speeding ticket in Tampa?

A complete list of your options for handling your traffic ticket citation can be found on the back of the citation. In Florida, you must choose one of the three options within 30 days of receiving the traffic ticket.

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